Referee’s assistants play a very important role in today’s game. If they are running on a solid green hybrid surface, they have one less thing to worry about, while a slippery or muddy surface may prevent them from being in the right position to make a decision.

With its strong underside, CL 2802 distributes the load from the referee’s assistant, minimising compaction. The pile height and hole size (20 mm) are designed to keep the area green even after many matches.

Integrated CL 2802 is supplied as a roll of ready-to-lay grass. The turf thickness is 35 mm, and the roll is 72 cm wide.


  1. CL 2802 is installed directly onto the grass surface. Ready for immediate use.
  2. Integrated CL 2802 on a roll is laid as for normal turf. Can be played on after approx. 5-14 days.