Åhus Turf


  • 1979 Company registered.
  • 1998 ÅhusTurf founded under the name Studio Construction.
  • 2002 ÅhusTurf AB was formed.
  • 2012 ÅhusTurf changed owners to Thomas Albäck and Cristina Sandin.
  • 2013 The first 40 installations of CoverLawn® done.
  • 2014 Together with Virrestadgården, CoverLawn® is grown into the natural grass.
  • 2014 First installation of integrated CoverLawn® is done on Örjansvall.
  • 2015 CoverLawn® CL 2802 is released for football and sports. CL 1201 is released for golf.
  • 2016 CoverLawn® NRT 3002 is released for school environments and extreme wear areas.
  • 2017 CoverLawn® NRT 2202 is released for walkways and hard wear areas.
  • 2018 BunkerLawn is released for more stable and rock-free bunkers.
  • 2019 CL soft is released with a fall protection height of 2.4 meters.
  • 2020 The materials in the product changed to a more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • 2021 Henrik Albäck becomes new co-owner.
  • 2021 ÅhusTurf get patent for Hybrid grass.
  • 2022 Over 2000 installations done since 2013.
  • 2023 CoverLawn® temporary changes name to ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass.
  • 2023 ÅhusTurf releases its new product ECO Hybrid grass.

Business Idea

ÅhusTurf AB offers our customers the highest quality of products and support. Our products should follow and lead the development towards a more sustainable environment. At the same time we are developing our products to meet our customers future requirements.


Develop ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass to be a strong alternative to artificial grass in the interest of public good.

Company facts

Organisation number: 556200-6568
Owners: Cristina Sandin & Thomas Albäck & Henrik Albäck

“We offer solutions to all types of grass wear”

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