Hybrid grass for disabled access

Being able to use the beautiful green places around us is something we all enjoy. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to move unhindered, and sometimes a beautiful lawn can be very challenging.

Together with natural grass, CoverLawn® forms a very strong and durable combination. CoverLawn® is constructed with a very strong polyester underside into which every polyethylene/polypropylene piles of grass is knotted, forming a reinforcement. This reinforcement protects the root system and crown of the grass, while the piles protect the crown and wear surface. The design of CoverLawn® means that the piles of natural grass can grow through it unhindered, both up and down.

CoverLawn® delivers a stable, firm grassy surface regardless of weather or season. If the grass is wet and heavy, it will still be usable when CoverLawn® is integrated.

When combined with the TTE system, it creates a still more stable surface which is always naturally green, all year round.

CL 2802 has been designed for sports applications and is extremely durable and ideal for active environments.

With its many but small holes, NRT 2500 is ideal for tracks and paths.

The reinforced surface can be used immediately.

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