ÅhusTurf Hybrid Turf for football 

Football has been played on hybrid grass for many years. The range of hybrid grass has increased substantially. CoverLawn® CL 2802 has a very strong underside that protects the root system from above. This solution can be used after one week.

What should you as customer consider:

  1. What maintenance capacity do we have?
  2. How many hours per week will we use the pitch?
  3. Do I need to install hybrid on the entire pitch?
  4. What is the objective with my hybrid solution?

These questions are good to discuss before you invite the different suppliers.

CL 2802 is an extremely strong product with a pile height of 28 mm. Here we have adapted the pile height to the hole size (20 mm) and the strength of the reinforcement. This combination means that the growth is more than 50% natural grass, and that during the dormant period the pitch can still be played upon.  CL 2802 can be used on all surfaces, including around the pitch.

Integrated CL 2802 is supplied as a roll of ready-to-lay grass. The turf thickness is 35 mm, and the roll is 72 cm wide.


  1. CL 2802 is installed directly onto the grass surface. Playable after 5 days. Instructions included.
  2. Integrated CL 2802 on a roll is laid as for normal turf. Can be played on after approx. 5-14 days.

Use areas

  • The whole pitch
  • Penalty area – 7, 9 or 11 players
  • Penalty spot, half-way line
  • Entrance for machines
  • Linesman
  • Warm up areas
  • Technical area
  • All natural grass wear surfaces in your facility

Olympia Helsingborg

Video CL 2802 stud test