The driving range

If you would like to offer a grass teeing ground option that’s always open, allow CL 1201 to integrate in front of the mats or where you want your teeing ground.

Grass teeing grounds are in great demand but are rarely open as they wear quickly and require a great deal of care. CoverLawn® can cope with heavy loads and has been tested by tournament players for guaranteed durability. The damaged area requires two to three weeks to repair itself. Keep the mowing height at fairway height and choose the size of the surface according to the use. Move it using ropes as you would normally do. Some players don’t understand that they practice from grass and keeps hitting on the same CoverLawn® spot. Here you will need to repair the damaged area.

Robots are increasingly common for mowing and picking. The grass around their charging stations is subject to a great deal of wear. CoverLawn® reinforces this area, giving you a green, natural surface and clean robots.