Practice areas

When players practice or warm up before a round, they do so on the driving range or in the practice area. And putting is practised on the putting green. ÅhusTurf offers a range of products to help the player, protect the course and help the greenkeepers.

Practice areas are subject to very severe wear and tear. With CL 1201 you can create zones where players can practice. For strokes up to 50 m, you can lay CL 1201 however you like. For strokes in excess of 50 m, it is best to lay the hybrid grass in the direction of play. There are different sizes to choose from in the web shop.

Putting greens are sometimes used for chipping, and many players using the green damage the grass. CL 1201 can be laid as small chipping areas of 1.2 x 1.0 m from which players can chip.

If you have a great deal of wear to and from the putting green, it’s a good idea to lay NRT 2202 in the areas you want to keep green throughout the year