Teeing ground

Every day, teeing grounds are subject to a great deal of stress, and greenkeepers have to work hard to offer as good a surface as possible. CoverLawn® offers a consistent firm surface that repairs itself significantly quicker than damaged turfs. As a player, you don’t see CoverLawn®, but simply play your stroke as usual. The difference is that the player doesn’t find the divot since CoverLawn® prevents this. The area around the teeing ground – any benches, the path to the teeing ground or the path from the teeing ground to the fairway – is exposed to a great deal of wear.

CL 1201 has been developed for playing golf from. With CL 1201 integrated into the teeing ground, it is possible to reduce the size of the area, as the surface recovers faster than natural grass without CoverLawn®. Teeing ground size is determined according to how often you move the teeing ground itself.

NRT 2202 helps at the entrance to the teeing ground. From the teeing ground to the fairway, you have a beautiful grassy path. Similarly, if you have a bench at the teeing ground, the area around it can remain green throughout the year.

Installation is simple and cheap.