The course

A golf course consists of a number of different grass areas which are exposed to a range of challenges. These include the grass outside the kiosk at the 10th hole, the service building, hollows on the fairway, entrance and exit of bridges, or your dropping zones. If you want to build a new bridge, why not make it an earth bridge with CoverLawn® as the surface? This gives you a completely natural grass bridge.

CL 1201 Golf is designed for playing golf from. The short piles (12 mm), together with the hole size and strong underside mean that integration with natural grass is a rapid process. Should dry conditions or poor growth arise after integration, CL 1201 still works as a playable surface.

NRT 2202 Walk is perfect for areas through which the players walk but don`t play. With the curled and harsh pile, you can install the product in a slope and avoid the risk of slipping. The mowing height can go down to 17 mm.

NRT 3002 Extreme is needed when you have heavy traffic from players and club cars. The bridge entrance and exit are heavily exposed and Extreme deliver a solid green natural surface all year round.

If you aren’t certain which product to choose, please contact us or our local provider, and we will be delighted to help you.