Winter golf

During the winter, many golf courses like to offer play for as long as possible. ÅhusTurf offers a range of products to meet all needs. Players want to play from teeing ground and fairway, the course wants to rest as much as possible, and the greenkeepers want to winterise the course so it can be in optimal condition for the spring. You can lay hybrid grass on the teeing ground or a range mat beside the teeing ground. The hybrid grass can be laid out when you close the summer teeing ground, and removed when the grass begins to grow again in the spring. The surface grows over in about six weeks.

Teeing grounds 

  • CL 1201 for par 3 holes under 150 m.
  • CL 2802 for all holes longer than 150 m. It takes about 6-8 weeks for the grass to repair after removing the mat.


  • Solid is a fairway mat based on CoverLawn® but with a thin rubber sheet to retain its shape.
  • Allround is a fairway mat based on NRT 2500 to protect the fairway. The mat is formable.