– Hybrid for natural grass

CoverLawn ® protects the root system of the natural grass
and creates greener areas where loads are high.

CoverLawn® sport

CoverLawn ® protects the root system of natural grass
and creates greener spaces even in areas subject to high wear.

Football, golf, cricket…. every sport played on grass can be played on CoverLawn®.
CoverLawn® is constructed with an extremely strong knotted polyester underside, into which every polyethylene pile of grass is attached. The density of the underside starts at 1000 denier and the pile length from 12 mm.

Depending on the sport and installation, the density of the underside and the pile length are varied. If strong protection for the grass root system is required, a stronger underside is needed. If the aim is to establish the root system in the natural grass, longer piles of grass are required.

Installation options

  1. You install CoverLawn® directly onto the grass surface. You can use it after just 5 days. See installation instructions.
  2. You install CoverLawn® on a seedbed. Expect 8-12 weeks integration time (for grass and hybrid to form a unit) depending on your own efforts as well as the vagaries of the weather. The surface can be used sooner if required. See installation instructions.
  3. You install CoverLawn® on the surface and build up the root system.
  4. You purchase integrated CoverLawn® and install it like normal rolled turf. 5-10 days later the surface is ready for use.

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Correct CoverLawn®

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