• CoverLawn® public places

    – Hybrid for natural grass

    CoverLawn ® protects the root system of the natural grass
    and creates greener areas where loads are high.

  • Bench

  • Skansen wedding

  • Concert

  • Roundabout

CoverLawn® for public places

CoverLawn® is available in a variety of strong models for a range of challenging public applications.

Public places

  • Traffic environment
    • Traffic islands
    • Cycle paths
    • Central reservation
    • Ditch embankments
  • Dog walking areas
  • Concert areas
  • Parks
  • Beneath information boards
  • Heritage sites
  • Restaurant terraces
  • Erosion embankments
  • Campsites
  • Swimming pools
  • Exhibition venues
  • Marketplaces
  • Restaurant inneryard
  • Only we set the limits for CoverLawn® 

The areas of use for CoverLawn® are unlimited. For a wedding, CoverLawn® was laid out on a golf green during the ceremony and subsequent celebrations. The following day, it was back in service as a golf green again.

Try it out in your own environment anywhere grass is struggling against heavy wear!

Värö Church memorial place

Installation pictures

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CoverLawn® on fire

Correct CoverLawn®

Please contact your local CoverLawn® provider.

If you do not know whom to contact please send it to ÅhusTurf and we’ll help you.

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