• ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass Public places

  • Umeå Sweden

  • Dog yard

  • Restaurant

ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass for public places

ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass is available in a variety of strong models for a range of challenging public applications.

Public places

  • Dog walking areas
  • Concert areas
  • Parks
  • Beneath information boards
  • Heritage sites
  • Restaurant terraces
  • Erosion embankments
  • Campsites
  • Swimming pools
  • Exhibition venues
  • Marketplaces
  • Restaurant inneryard

Värö Church memorial place

Installation pictures

Correct Hybrid Turf?

Please contact your local ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass provider.

If you do not know whom to contact please send it to ÅhusTurf and we’ll help you.

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