Hybrid grass for the clubs football pitches

The use of hybrid grass for football pitches is talked about more frequently. When it comes to football activities for larger sports fields we advocate one of our two football products, ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass CL 2802. However, before choosing the product there are some points that require consideration.

  • What maintenance capacity do we have? You have to increase attention to the pitch with whatever hybrid solution you choose.
  • How many hours per week do we want to use the pitch?
  • Is it necessary to install hybrid grass on the entire pitch or just the areas that are most susceptible to wear?
  • What is the objective with my hybrid solution?

The advantage with CL 2802 is that it can be installed both on seedbed or already existing turf. If you have good growth and no problems with water accumulations on the pitch we use it as is and install CL 2802 directly on the area. If any before mentioned problems exists on your pitch we need to inspect it and figure out suitable actions before installation. The basic rule for CL 2802 is that we want to retain as much of the original growth in the pitch as possible.

With the help of CL 2802 you get a stable pitch with high quality of play all season that can be used up to 35 hours per week.