Wear surfaces throughout the sports ground

Away from the pitch itself, there are a number of surfaces that suffer from wear from players, visitors and even machinery. With its strong underside, protective piles and rapid penetrative growth, our Hybrid grass is excellent protection for areas that would otherwise become worn very quickly.

CL 2802 is an extremely strong product with a pile height of 28 mm. Here we have adapted the pile height to the hole size (20 mm) and the strength of the reinforcement. This combination means that the growth is more than 50% natural grass, and that during the dormant period the area can still be used.


  1. CL 2802 is installed directly onto the grass surface. The surface can be used immediately.

Use areas

  • Pitch entrances
  • Footpaths
  • Shortcuts
  • Surfaces around kiosks
  • All grass surfaces exposed to heavy wear which are prone to become muddy or bare soil.