Since 2013 ÅhusTurf has developed hybrid turf for all different applications. With our thorough knowledge we possess today we consider ourself as a very strong supplier to the growing hybrid market.

It is fairly easy to manage a hybrid turf during the growth period (April-Nov). The challenge is to keep the entire purpose from the hybrid solution during the non-growing period. This experience have we learned, especially now during the climate changes that are affecting us all.

The development of our high quality, carefully designed products will of course continue. If you have a natural turf challenge where you consider hybrid turf as a possible solution don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussions.

For the public applications we are leading in Europe.

For sport there are different hybrid solutions depending on the customers need.

Every year we support:

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Please contact your local ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass provider. If you do not know whom to contact please send it to ÅhusTurf and we’ll help you.

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