ECO Line

We launched our latest product line ECO Line in the fall of 2023 with a goal of creating more environmentally friendly hybrid grass. The products are developed and produced in Europe and the material is 100% recyclable in upcoming hybrid products. In addition, we use post industrial material meaning that the waste from one production is reused in the next production, eliminating waste.

In the products of our ECO Line the piles and backing contain plastic of the same polymer-family which is certified. The coating differs from other products on the market because it contains both polypropylene and acrylic.

Even though the product is more envionmentally friendly, we do not renounce the quality of strength and wear resistance that our other ÅhusTurf products offer.

The first product is named Euro Hybrid.

The journey towards more envionmentally friendly products

The climate impact of artificial grass has been debated for a long time. Hybrid grass which has the big advantage of not adding any artificial material is already a step in the right direction.

In 2013 when ÅhusTurf started with hybrid grass, there was predetermined materials from with the hybrid grass was produced and installed with. From then to now the products have gone from different plastics and SBR to recyclable materials.

ÅhusTurf’ is always keen to take the next step in the evolution of hybrid grass and in the fall of 2021 an opportunity arose when we met our new European suppliers of hybrid grass and installation pins.

In 2024, we can offer a complete product produced in Europe with full traceability on the materials which is recyclable.

Our vision is to develop the best products from the most environmentally friendly materials available in the coming years.

Quality is a key requirement for us at ÅhusTurf and therefore we will not forsake the quality of our products during our work to achieving a portfolio of more environmentally friendly products.