Hybrid grass for private use

ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass is the brand new unique hybrid grass product that, together with natural grass, forms a very strong and durable combination.
When exposed to mechanical loads from animals, people, vehicles etc., the piles of natural grass are worn away first, revealing the soil and ultimately the roots of the grass. Here, the Hybrid grass prevents this from happening, so that the roots have space to establish themselves and give out new shoots without impact from above.

Our Hybrid grass drains 100%, meaning that it also provides complete ventilation. The grass is available in different piles heights from 12 to 60 mm. The piles of grass are non-slip treated.

Use areas

Gardens worn by your active children to a bare soil surface.
Robotic lawn mowers slip on embankments, get stuck in the swing or leave a bare surface around the charging station.
Shade beneath trees where the grass never grows properly.
Parties held outdoors.
Embankments that erode and where the grass never grows properly.
Dogs that tears the grass.

Installation options

  • The hybrid grass is laid directly on the surface requiring reinforcement, and anchored with the pins included.
  • The hybrid grass can also be laid on a seedbed and anchored with the pins included.