If you have erosion problems because of wear, click on the button under the pictures to the right.

A lot of slopes have erosion problems. The erosion problem can occur from different factors, for example the slope might lay in shadow so it doesn’t get the possibility to grow, and when the rain comes the erosion will begin. Our product ÅhusTurf hybrid grass CL 2004 will keep the soil intact when the rain comes, and eventually the grass will grow together with the Hybrid Grass.

If you have a slope with plants, you might use a cloth in the slope. One problem that can occur is that the moisture under the cloth can attract rats and other pests. The pests might eventually start to gnaw on the plants. ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass CL 6008 has 100% ventilation which gives a good moisture balance and prevents the slope from erosion. The green colour of CL 6008 will also give the surface more life to it.