Fall protection CL Soft

CL Soft is the new fall protection which allows you to retain your natural grass and still reach the fall protection height of 2,4 meters. In front of the slide or by the play equipment, CL Soft gives the grass the most optimal condition to grow even if the wear is high.

CL Soft is a combination that consists of NRT 3002 and a shockpadNRT 3002 is developed for school environments and undulating surfaces like hillocks. The Shockpads absorption combined with the hybrid gives a fall protection height of 2,4 meters and provides a durable area of fall protection which looks natural and green all year round.

A successful installation depends on 4 different factors.

  1. Ground preparations according to ÅhusTurf instruction.
  2. No distance between the shockpads edges and that the holes are opened.
  3. Good tension in the hybrid.
  4. Take some extra time with the joints and the cuts for the play equipment to make sure that the alignment in the hybrid is good.

CL Soft in the slope

Installing CL Soft on a hillock or in a slope is similar to a normal installation. More details about these types of installations will be given during the purchase.