The bunker is an exposed location on the golf course.

  1. Enter and exit the bunker cause damage to the bunker edges.
  2. The sun dries out front edge and is a challenge to keep green.
  3. Stones travel from the soil to the sand.
  4. Dried drifting sand or wet sand.
  5. Heavy rain causing rivulets and the sand slides towards bottom of the bunker.


  1. CL 1201  protect the bunker when players, greenkeepers or machines enter and exit the bunker. CL 1201 also protect the front edge from ball mark damages.
  2. NRT 3002 protect bunker edge in draught and sunshine.
  3. BLB 2001 prevent stones in the sand and rivulets caused by rain. Playable without sand.
  4. BLB 4004 prevents rivulets after rain. Not playable without sand.

Installation is simple, cheap and cause no damage to the course. For detailed information please contact your local ÅhusTurf Hybrid grass supplier.

Reference: Please contact Rya GC – Sean Gilmour for more information that has evaluated BLB 2001 in competition with other solutions.