Hybrid grass for residential areas

Hybrid grass for residential areas is intended to reinforce the attractive green surfaces surrounding the housing. These green surfaces need to harmonise with other surfaces that have other purposes. So green surfaces can’t always be very large.

With Hybrid grass you get a extremely strong and durable lawn which resists wear during the growing period. In the summer, you’ll have a reinforced green lawn. In the winter, your lawn is still green, with the most exposed areas receiving most assistance from the Hybrid grass.

The area is maintained as a lawn and if assistance is needed, ÅhusTurf will naturally help you.

NRT 2202 has been developed to handle high wear. If there is a preschool on the courtyard, this is NOT the product that should be used.

NRT 3002 has been developed to manage cases of extreme wear and should be selected if preschool activities will be carried out on the area.

CL 2802 has been developed especially for football and sport. This is the product to select if the area is used as a football pitch.

Installation is simple and cheap. It is possible to install the Hybrid grass on an already existing lawn or on a seedbed if you are constructing a new facility. If you choose to hire a contractor or do the installation yourselves, ÅhusTurf will provide installing instructions.