• CoverLawn®

    – Hybrid for natural grass

    CoverLawn ® protects the root system of the natural grass
    and creates greener areas where loads are high.

CoverLawn® for residential areas

Hybrid grass for residential areas is intended to reinforce the attractive green surfaces surrounding the housing. These green surfaces need to harmonise with other surfaces that have other purposes. So green surfaces can’t always be very large. In an area with blocks of flats, natural grass faces varying conditions for growth, as there are higher temperatures, but simultaneously limited sunlight. These factors are challenging for natural grass. And the dormant period needs to be added as a further challenge. Today, preschool activities are often located in residential areas, which means extra load for green surfaces.

CoverLawn® is a hybrid grass that allows natural grass to grow through it so that the hybrid and natural grass can form a single unit. In the summer, you have a green lawn. In the winter, your lawn is still green, with the most exposed areas receiving most assistance from hybrid grass.

On the underside of CoverLawn® is a knitted reinforcement that protects the grass roots during the winter. The polyethylene grass also provides a pleasant green surface on which to walk. When spring arrives and the grass roots come to life, the grass grows and a new green summer awaits.

NRT 2202 Walk has polyethylene/polypropylene piles of grass 22 mm long, very strong reinforcement and is very easy for natural grass to grow through. It has been developed for walkways and similar green surfaces except for preschool and football pitches.

NRT 3002 Extreme has polyethylene piles of grass 30 mm long, very strong reinforcement and is easy for natural grass to grow through. It has been developed especially for school environments and should be selected if preschool activities will be carried out on the grass.

CL 2802 Sport has polyethylene piles of grass 28 mm long, extremely strong reinforcement and is easy for natural grass to grow through. It has been developed especially for football and sport.

Installation is done directly on the surface to be reinforced. Can be used immediately. It is also possible to install CoverLawn® on a seedbed if you are constructing a new facility. If so, apply CoverLawn® immediately to the seedbed, enabling the seeds to germinate faster as CoverLawn® produces moisture and heat.

Use areas

  • Emergency access routes
  • Barbecue areas
  • Picnic areas
  • Play areas
  • Grass areas
  • Sports pitches


  1. The surface should be flat so that lawn mowing does not tear up CoverLawn® and the ground surface. It is particularly sensitive during the integration period. This applies especially to rotary lawn mowers. Use a manual lawn mower during the integration period.

2. If it doesn’t grow from beneath, you still have a beautiful CoverLawn® surface

Correct CoverLawn®

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