Hybrid Grass on walkways

Hybrid grass on paths or tracks gives the golf course a natural, green and playable surface for the entire season. Instead of having a hard, trampled earth surface, or a boring gravel track, Hybrid grass creates a green, clean and pleasant surface all year round.

CL 1201 can be used where the path is part of the playing surface and all strokes can be hit from all distances above 50m. Mowing height is down to 12 mm.

NRT 2202 is a new developed product where a curled and harsh pile is added. The mowing height can go down to 17 mm. The harsh pile prevent slipping on slope walkways in wet weather. Approach shots below 60 m is ok on the mat.

Wet part of the year is not affecting the hybrid turf as they’re still green during that period.

Installation is simple and cheap. You only need an active surface so that the grass can grow.